What is a Lapbook?

We have mentioned lapbooks a couple of times on the blog so far and I thought I’d explain what they are.

They are a creative way of displaying informational mini books, or a space for displaying drawings, worksheets, photographs etc.

They are called a lapbook as they fit on the childs lap.  Simple really 🙂

We use a square cut folder to create ours (we bought this many folders as they are really useful for keeping work separate/together, for sorting topics which I don’t want Elsa to do yet but I want to be organised and ready for).

We have done a couple so far and we have used the Homeschool Share website for both.

IMG_5968 IMG_5970  IMG_5747 IMG_5748

We downloaded the pirate one as a complete lapbook, but we only used some of it.  We added our own mini books and paperwork to it.  Elsa wrote a captains log, created a map and also did a wanted poster.

For the Longest Reigning Monarchs lapbook we created all of the mini books ourselves using the templates we downloaded.  This way Elsa could decide on what she wanted to research and she then decided on which mini book would be most suitable for each part of it.