Roots and Greens

N arranged another foraging trip, this time near her home, which turned out to be in the middle of nowhere.  This time it wasn’t for mushrooms (apart from this one, which looks like ears, is called jelly fungus and is edible).


It was looking for roots and greens to add to a soup she had made earlier.

We all made our way up to this fabulous outdoor campfire where N asked the children to find some more sticks to put on the fire.  She then described a few root edibles she had found (Alexander and horseradish). Some of the other HE children helped wrap them in foil and N put them on the fire to cook.

IMG_6383 IMG_6386 IMG_6387

N gave the children a pointed stick each and tasked them with digging up some wild carrots with them. They look nothing like carrots, but smell exactly like them.

IMG_6388 IMG_6389 IMG_6392 IMG_6398

We then continued to walk around the land and found some ground ivy and white dead nettle, both of which are edible and the leaves went into the soup.

IMG_6399 IMG_6380 IMG_6397

We walked down to the allotment and there found an Asian pear tree.  They look exactly like apples but tasted just like a pear.

IMG_6400 IMG_6395

We went back to the campfire and chopped up the different green leaves we had found and added them to the soup.

IMG_6401 IMG_6402

Finally, it was time for drinks, oatcakes and crabapple jelly and soup.

IMG_6385  IMG_6408 IMG_6409 IMG_6410

Another fun, interesting and wet day.