Human Body – Our Insides

After completing our skeleton we next decided to do our insides, so Elsa drew around Anna (the keeping still part was pretty difficult) ūüôā

IMG_8197 IMG_8198 IMG_8199

We had already ordered some information from the British Heart Foundation, which was brilliant and free (donation if you choose).

We discussed the different organs and what they did, then I asked the girls to put the internal organs where they thought they went.

Anna’s attempt was not bad, but I guess having your brain in your neck could cause a problem and maybe having the oesophagus that way round might make it difficult to¬†eat. ūüôā¬† Elsa’s was near on perfect with the placing of them, not the order though.¬† Well done girls.

IMG_8202 IMG_8204

Next we drew the organs onto the life size drawing of Anna, which the girls had fun doing.

IMG_8205IMG_8342 IMG_8343IMG_8441

We¬†discussed the large and small intestines¬†in a bit more in depth.¬†¬†To give perspective, we¬†measured out the actual lengths of them with wool.¬† The small intestine is 4 times as long as you are tall, and the large intestine is as long as you are tall,¬† The¬†girls found it fascinating trying to fit it all in the little space in the body.¬† As you can see we did it¬†perfectly ūüėȬ† We also watched a short video which shows¬†the route of the digestive¬†system, which was funny.

IMG_8301 IMG_8300 IMG_8302 IMG_8299

Next job was talking more about the heart and what job it does (very important if you didn’t know) ūüėČ We did an experiment involving pulse rates, we took resting pulse, then did a minute each of star jumps,¬†running, skipping and dancing to see what happened to our heart rates.¬† The girls enjoyed doing this and even made me do it.

IMG_8439a IMG_8440a IMG_8382 IMG_8377 IMG_8385 IMG_8383

We talked about the respiratory system and how that works.  We drew and labelled the parts on our body drawing.

The final part of this topic was a discussion about muscles and tendons.  We talked about how they work in pairs, how many there are, what the tendons are there for and then we made a tendon hand which was fun, then Elsa wrote down what she remembered about what we had learned.

IMG_8567 IMG_8566 IMG_8568 IMG_8569

Our completed drawings look great (and very busy) ūüôā


This has been a very interesting topic and we will come back to it in more depth in the future.