We are adding links as we find them – I expect this list to become  quite long as there are a lot of resources out there. We can not vouch for or in any way endorse the content at this stage, but it’s at least a useful resource. At some point we’ll categorise them better and the dates shown indicate the date we added the link, rather than the latest content. If you would like us to add a link not mentioned here please leave a comment and we’ll check it out.

UK Based Home School Blogs

An Ordinary Life (July 2015)

Muddle Puddle (November 2015)

US Based Home School Blogs

1+1+1=1 (lots of free printables (used this one a lot for Anna as there is a lot of stuff available for toddlers).

Confessions of an Homeschooler (Lots of information and free printables along with various lapbooks and curriculums you can pay for – We are doing the geography curriculum from here).

Raising Clovers  (Inspirational videos and printables available from here)

Weird, unsocialized HOMESCHOOLERS (July 2015)

What Do We Do All Day? (July 2015)

Other Home School Sites

ABC Teach – I found this useful resource when looking for a template to create a Home School Field Trip Review. (July 2015)

A2Z Home’s Cool – Homeschooling from A to Z – A bit advertisement heavy, not had much chance to look at it yet. (July 2015)

Home School Share (Very good website if you are wanting to do lapbooks)