Our Wildlife Garden – a work in progress

I thought it would be nice to encourage the children to create a wildlife garden so we could watch what bugs, animals and birds use it over the various seasons.  We picked a corner of the garden which would be suitable and got to work (and hard work it was)

Firstly, we cleared the area of nettles, big weeds, bricks and rubbish.  Then dug a hole to fit our pond (which is half of an old sandpit).


While we were digging we found this little fellow 🙂 Wildlife count 1.

We then put in some pond liner and filled it with water.  We also had a little visitor. (wildlife count 2) 🙂

We then cut off the excess pond liner and placed some shingle around it.  Then we placed some big stones around the edge to give it a bit of a border and a huge stone in the actual pond.


We then made a little ladder for the frogs to get out (as seen in a library book).

We made a bug hotel out of old logs.

IMG_5172 IMG_5173

We made a bee hotel out of bamboo and a little watering can plant pot we bought.

Finally we added a little fence around it and added some pond plants, a gnome, a flower windmill and toadstool.

IMG_5178 IMG_5179 IMG_5180   WP_000732

Next spring we will dig out the grass and add wildflowers.  We will also add a bird box and bird feeders.


One thought on “Our Wildlife Garden – a work in progress

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