Christmas Around The World

I thought it would be interesting as part of our Geography curriculum to add a Christmas Around The World theme throughout December.  I chatted with Elsa about how some countries might celebrate Christmas differently to us and that it would be interesting to see the differences in food and traditions of number of countries.

I downloaded some Christmas Around The World sheets off Twinkl, which gave us 12 different countries to research.

Then I found an amazing website where I thought Elsa would be able to find the information required without too much input from me.

She chose UK to start with as obviously it was the easiest one for her.


She then found information about Denmark, China, India and France.

IMG_6801 IMG_6800 IMG_6799 IMG_6798

This has been really interesting and we would have liked to have finished the others, but we went away on holiday in the last week before Christmas so ran out of time, however we will just have to do them next year. 🙂

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