Photo Scavenger Hunt #1

This time of year it’s hard to get the girls to go outside as the weather is cold and unpredictable, with it raining one minute, sleeting the next and sunny the next.

I thought we’d go on a scavenger hunt around where we live which is a beautiful spot in the English countryside.  But instead of coming home with stones, feathers and leaves, they would take photos.

So I created a photo scavenger hunt sheet and each armed with a camera off we went.

This was fun as it got the girls looking at their surrounding as we wondered home from our local village.

Elsa Anna
Something red Something red
A flower A flower
Something interesting Something interesting
Something yellow Something yellow
A road A road
A wheel A wheel
Some berries Some berries
A vehicle A vehicle
Something you can eat Something you can eat
A selfie A selfie
A stone or rock A stone or rock
The sky The sky
Something of your choice Something of your choice
A green leaf A green leaf
A metal sign A metal sign

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