Our little Space Cadet

Did you know that Great Britain have their first astronaut flying to the International Space Station this December?  No? Well until recently I didn’t either.


Tim Peake is the lucky man who will be living and working there for 6 months.

The Unlimited Space Agency are running a series of space missions for children aged 7 – 11 which is perfect for Elsa as she wanted to learn about space as one of her topics. It is aimed at schools, however HE children are able to do it too, (Hooray), so we have registered her to the Astro Science Challenge where hopefully she will learn about space, space travel and the ISS among other things.

It starts on the 2nd of November so I’ll post about it again after Mission 1….

Counting down…….5……..4…….3……2……1………BLASTOFF.

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